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How it all started and who we are.

Health Insurance claim is always an exhausting process for the patients and the professionals involved in the process. In an industry worth over 500K Crores, it's astounding that 95% of it is still managed traditionally. That's what we are here to change. With our experts-led approach & multiple service offerings, Bima Garage aims to change India's experience with hospitals, health insurance and insurance claims forever.

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Bima Garage is one of the prominent projects incubated under the Atal Incubation Center (AIC) programme by Niti Aayog, located at AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre, SVKM’s NMIMS Mumbai.


Being the first of its kind, HobNob brings you the much-needed solutions for all your insurance problems.

  • Know Your Policy

    No more confusion in understanding those complex policy contracts.

  • Claim Reimbursement

    End-to-end processing of all your reimbursement claims, from claim filing till settlements.

  • Claim Optimization

    Our claim experts analyze your case & ensure that you get the rightful amount for all your claims.

  • Cashless Claim Assistance

    Complete assistance for cashless claims by our experts over a phone call.

  • i-Records

    Manage all insurance & medical records of your family right from one place, digital & secure.


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And all of this at a very reasonable price.


1999 Processing charges

(Non Refundable)

  • Includes all standard plan benefits.

  • Complete claim processing for all health, life, accidental and overseas travel claims.

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  • Know Your Policy (KYP)

  • Optimization Of Claims

  • i-Records

  • Cashless Claim Assistance


999 Processing charges

(Non Refundable)

  • Includes all standard plan benefits.

  • Claim reimbursement for both pre & post hospitalization expenses.


For all your insurance problems. Being the first of its kind, HobNob brings you the much-needed solutions

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Join India's fastest growing,

Insurance claim service community!

What our clients

Say about us.

Alok. J.

I had a hospital bill of more than 4 lakh rupees and the insurance company said they will only settle 8 thousand out of the 4 lakh amount. A friend recommended Bima Garage and after the initial calls, I couriered my files from Rajasthan to their office in Mumbai. Within 15 days, I got a confirmation that the company will settle around Rs.3 lakh. Even after that, the BG team reopened the case and finally I received around 3.8 lakh settlement. I am forever grateful to the work Bima Garage is doing and wish them luck for the future.

Dattaram Dalvi

Due to the pandemic & being a senior citizen, I was not able to submit the reimbursement file to the insurance company. When I heard about HobNob and its doorstep pickup service , I contacted Bima Garage team. Their Field Medical Officer visited my place & collected the files for claim processing. They took care of the entire reimbursement process and settled the ₹ 1,22,000 claim in just a few days. I am grateful to the Bima Garage team and wish them my best for the future.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is HobNob and what are its benefits?

Bima Garage is a healthcare-insurance startup aimed to bring the much needed transparency to the Indian insurance industry. Through our experts-led approach, we provide claim services to hospitals, insurance agents and the insurance policyholders across India. For more info, visit our website https://bimagarage.com. HobNob by Bima Garage is India's first-of-its-kind platform that provides policy-claim related insurance services to all the insurance policyholders.

Can Bima Garage suggest me the right insurance policy based on my needs?

Sorry, we do not sell any kind of insurance policy nor we provide any opinion on which policy is suitable based on an individual. However, you can return an insurance policy if you are not satisfied with the terms & conditions, provided it falls under the free-look period (usually 15 days from the date of purchase).

What is Bima Garage's claim reimbursement process?

Bima Garage processes the claims on behalf of the customer/policyholder. Our claim processing team, led by multiple industry experts, makes sure all claim settlements/rejections are justified and transparent to all parties involved. In case of any medical queries, our in-house team of doctors and healthcare practitioners provides their inputs to resolve the queries at the earliest.

How do I file a claim on HobNob?

You can initiate a claim from your HobNob app or call us at +91 84484 44158 or email at support@bimagarage.com.

What all do I require to get my claim processed by Bima Garage?

You need to be a registered member on HobNob to initiate a claim with us. Once you initiate a claim, we will firstly require your policy copy. Tip: Upload all policies of your family beforehand on the HobNob app. We will also require the following documents for processing your health insurance claim / mediclaim. You can courier the documents to us in case our doorstep-pickup service is unavailable for your area.

Does Bima Garage guarantee claim settlements?

No, we do not guarantee claim settlement in any case. We also do not guarantee the final settlement amount of any claim in any scenario. Is there a limit on the number of claims that I can avail in one year? No, there is no limit to the number of claims you submit. The account and the claimant should have an active subscription at the time of claim submission for us to process the claim.