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Know Your Policy | Cashless Assistance | Claims Reimbursement

Know Your Policy (KYP)

Bought an insurance policy but don't know how much will it cover in times of need?

Introducing KYP, a simple policy report covering the must-know of your customers' policies.

Painless Reimbursements

From claim filing till settlement, we provide end-to-end support to all the registered users.

Get regular updates on each claim you manage for your customers.

Expert Service

Insurance is a tool to save us from financial debt.

Therefore we ensure your customers get the most out of their claims by providing knowledge & support throughout the process.

Flexible pick-ups

Feeling lazy to travel across the city to deliver a document?

Worry not, we provide pick-up service for policy/claim documents from your office or customer's home.

Customer Support

Introducing Bima Garage call support team!

Be it filing a new claim or questions on your KYP, get immediate support with one call.
(Mon-Fri, 10 AM - 6 PM)

Digital Recordbook

Manage all your customers, their policies, their claims, everything from one place.

HobNob Partner Registration

Become an early member of India's trusted insurance service platform.


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